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Tactical Guide to Living Authentically and Inspirationally

Unlock Your True Potential. Start Living Life on Your Own Terms

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Being authentic is your natural state

When you are IN-authentic you:

 Behave superficially
Have superficial relationships with others
Waste tons of energy to maintain a "palatable" persona
Feel at the deepest level like you are betraying your soul  

You may have thought of being unapologetically yourself before.  

And what stopped you is fear:  

Fear of alienating family and friends
Fear of rejection, disapproval, judgment
Fear of losing respect, reputation, or status
Fear of inflicting damage to what you've created

The biggest irony is...

This could not be further from the truth.

 What actually happens when you are your truest self is:  

You gain a much deeper respect from others
Your relationships get much stronger and deeper
The "wrong" people happily find their way away from you
More and bigger opportunities start showing up out of nowhere
More of the "right for you" people suddenly find you (you become attractive to them)  

And, if you are thinking "It's hard to be authentic" I'm here to tell you this:

It is one of the easiest things you'll ever do in your life.

It's much harder to maintain the huge gap between who you truly are and the persona you are presenting to others.

All you have to do to become your truest "you" is:  

1. Get clear on who you truly are
2. Commit to being who you know you are
3. Have the guts to consistently be yourself  I've done it.

I used to be a chronic people pleaser and a "nice" (means "palatable") guy.

That changed after I worked with two mentors.  

One of them demonstrated the power of living by the slogan: "Nothing to hide. Nothing to prove." It was a major perspective shift.  

The other taught me to "give myself permission to mess up". I finally began accepting and owning my imperfections... publicly.  

It didn't happen overnight. I still do the work. It's a daily practice, much like a workout.  

Contrary to popular belief, practicing your authenticity is safe. It is easy. And it is inspiring for others - whether they can admit it or not.  

So listen to what I'm about to say...

You are much closer to your true self than you think.

Much much closer.

 If you can lean into that, and if what you just read "spoke" to you I invite you to join this course.  

When you do, everything will change for you. Fast.  

See you inside the course.

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Ready to unlock your authenticity and start living life on your own terms?

Why I teach Self-Discovery and Transformation

I’ve radically and completely reinvented myself seven (7) times.

I’ve become extremely good at it.  Just in the last two decades, I have been: a competitive bodybuilder, a bakery owner, a firearms instructor, a corporate employee, a breathwork instructor, a transformational events facilitator, a mindset & transformation coach, mentor and guide.  

Now at the age of 49, I am finally in a state of inner peace. Peace with who I am, where I am, and where I am going. A state where inner freedom, authenticity, growth, impact, fulfillment, and meaning are my pillars.  

Today my deepest calling and mission is to help like-minded souls liberate themself from the prisons of their own minds. To help them move away from the inherent to the ego deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and scarcity so they can experience true fulfillment, meaning, and happiness.  

I’m honored to be part of your journey and excited to see you without the layers of protection - the layers that conceal the true You!

Ivan Nikolov
Tactical spiritualist, teacher, and guide