The Path To Freedom

Imagine the possibilities if you could learn a radically new way to feel free from your past, your present, and even from your future!

A Permanent Way Out Of Suffering

Have you ever felt like you are almost constantly fighting life instead of living life? Do you spend most of your daily energy managing your future-based anxieties and your past regrets? Do you find that there's no time - and capacity - left for enjoying the present moment?

What I've learned (the hard way) over the years is this: We can't have the life we want while we are still resisting the life we now have. 

The Path To Freedom

I created "The Path To Freedom" program to solve this exact problem - to guide you into permanently shifting out of the disempowering Mental Models that most of us hold that lead to unnecessary resistance, suffering, and a general, overwhelming sense of a life wasted.  

The result is a profound inner peace, a new high sense of personal freedom and lightness, which invariably results in dramatically improved relationships with others, profound shifts in professional and personal expression, effortless improvements in health and wellness.

This program is life-changing and massively liberating. 

In the words of one of our students: "I feel like I have been gifted a “handbook” on how to “do life”. It is all in there..."Yes, it is all in there. In just 120 minutes you will experience profound freedom and inner peace. It truly feels like... arrival. But, you have to experience it for yourself to really know that. There's no way to accurately communicate what happens by simply telling you about it.

Introducing "The Path To Freedom" Program



Discover the only true source of resistance and suffering in any human life. Create an irreversible awareness that will always alert you to where you are heading so that you don't have to go there.
Lessons in this module include: Undigested past, Fear of the future, Stress.



Get exposed to new radically different Mental Models, which will empower you to view the world through new eyes. This exposure will create the type of cognitive dissonance, after which you MUST upgrade your worldviews - and your life.

 Lessons in this module include: Accept the past, Accept the future, Accept yourself, Accept others, Accept life.



Learn how to integrate the new powerful Mental Models and Worldviews in a way that will empower you to continue forward towards life not of resistance, suffering, and attachment but of curiosity, excitement, and inner peace.

 Lessons in this module include: The big "Why" - Why am I here, Accept and commit.

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What students are saying about the program

 "The main feeling I had when leaving this course was peace. I feel like I have been gifted a “handbook” on how to “do life”. It is all in there. I don’t mean it is the content you apply once and you have mastered life, no! On the contrary, it is the content you want to connect everyday with to keep reapplying as you live, for as long as you live. That’s because it is a simple, clear and essential tutorial on life. I’ll take a lifetime to fully apply(as it is the only way it can be) and keep expanding from it.. It is all in there. I can free myself through this."

Isabella Ferreira

 "These ideas are radical however simple in the sense that as humans we frequently forget the common sense, the here and now as society is so outcome driven and focused on the future. The last module, especially the first video is life changing and liberating.

Karine Lortie

 "Ivan lays out all the pieces of the puzzle on the table. With simple explanations he gives us the opportunity to be on the same page. This ensures that anybody can follow the logical connections between the ideas he puts out. Unlike other courses on similar topics, in the end I didn’t have to be convinced that what I’m hearing is true — it just resonated with me and crystallized my personal experience in a new, more usable form.   Progressing through the program I felt loved and reassured. The mindset changes that Ivan proposes are a big enabler for stress reduction, a more positive outlook on life and feeling a sense of purpose.

Rumen Dimitrov

 "The Path To Freedom Program served a positive mental override to me. It helped shift my paradigm of thinking to be less reactive in life and instead be more accepting of it. It reminded me to give life my very best shot but let it come from a place of curiosity and intention and not from a place of need or attachment. This is a program that can be done many times as I'm sure different things would come up when I am at different stages of my life.

Mikhail Ali

 "Ivan’s “The Path to Freedom” program is an accessible and organized program that serves as a reminder to review the stories we tell ourselves (that may cause us suffering) and inspires acceptance, in many forms, to liberate ourselves and live our lives!

Denise Foss

 "What I love most about Ivan’s program is that it is very simple and Ivan gets straight to the point about acceptance. I also found the exercise he mentioned in the program extremely helpful to detach from things and reduce resistance.

Timothy Luckcock

 "This program "the path to freedom" has shown me that being free is more than a wishful thought. It has provided a change of perspective in my thoughts. Has confirmed to me that the journey has no end. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a complete, simple but above all challenging and supportive way to their self-liberation.

Angeliki Alina Papagiannaki-Sönmez

 "If you “somehow” found the Path to Freedom Program you’re where you ought and truly want to be. This path is like the African Proverb says, “If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This is an opportunity to travel fast and far. The course is travelled alone but you are also a part of a greater community. This program is timely and what the world needs now.

Lazonia Sargent

"This course is easy to fit around a busy life. It is cut down into bit sized pieces which allows you to absorb the teachings before continuing on to the next. They may be short teachings in each video but they are powerful and draws you in to explore your own meaning of life. I am left wanting to go deeper into my practices and learn more about each module. It created a space for me to look deeply into where my own anxieties are coming from and how to change my mindset around that. This course focuses on the reasons behind things in a way that is not confronting. Ivan has a way of being encouraging whilst directing you to go to the next level of understanding."
Rebecca (Becki) Jones
"The Path To Freedom gives you space to explore concepts and ideas that can allow you to go through life flowing with it rather than resisting it. In order to flow, we need a boat and we need to trust that the current of life will take us wherever we need to go."
Marina Malacko

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Ivan Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov is a tactical spiritualist, coach, and guide.

Ivan serves by guiding purpose-driven individuals and "out-there" thinkers to live authentic and meaningful lives, in fulfillment, and alignment with their true Purpose.