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Total Self-Image Makeover

Achieve Your Dream Goal By Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind in 28 Days

You have always known you were born for more...

But on the backdrop of countless disappointments and dead dreams, you are starting to doubt if it is true

Most of us don't get what we want in life. And it's not because it is not available.

It is because deep inside "we are not the person who deserves to have what we want"!

This is a well-known fact: Our external reality is a reflection of our inner reality. What we see out there isn't "an objective reality". It's our deepest beliefs and stories about ourselves objectified as our reality.

The only way to change that is to rewrite your self-image completely...

...The internalized beliefs you hold about yourself, your abilities, appearance, and personality, what's possible and what's not.

Now you can do that in 28 days (even if you've tried and failed many times before).

I will guide you one day at a time.

This time it will work (only if you do 100 percent of what I guide you to do!).

This program is for you if one or more of the following is true...

➩ You are stuck in a “safe” but uneventful and mildly depressive life

➩ You keep busy to “escape” your reality so that you don’t feel the emotional pain that’s always in the background

➩ You spend much of your time in hiding, being safe, being marginal

➩ You are trying to fit into an externally defined mold of what's acceptable and successful

➩ You secretly feel that all the good things in life are not meant for you because you are damaged goods

➩ You feel pain every time you see other people create what you want to create - but you aren’t creating it

➩ You secretly harbor resentment because external circumstances and people control your results

➩ You downplay everything as if "it's not that big of a deal"

➩ You help others because it feels good in the backdrop of knowing that you cannot help yourself

➩ You hate your body

Or you have stories and plenty of proof on...

➩ How you are not good enough

➩ How you don’t deserve better (relationships, success, health, wealth)

➩ How you are damaged goods and beyond repair

➩ How your unfortunate past is torturing you and not allowing you to move on powerfully

➩ How maybe the dreams you once had were a lie after all

➩ How life is “passing you by”

Or the abuser in your head constantly reminds you that...

➩ Every decision you made in the past is a terrible decision. And, whatever you try to do in the future is going to be terrible too

➩ All the good things in life are not meant for you because you are damaged goods

➩ Nobody likes you

➩ You are an embarrassment of a human being

I used to believe in 95 percent of the above

(Except I never hated my body)

I managed to completely change my self-concept and my life with the same process in mere weeks (without having to dig into my painful past and "traumas").  

So can you.

About the Total Self-image Makeover Program

I created a unique 28-day program. It works with the subconscious mind around a dream goal that now feels unattainable (unsupported by the person's self-image).

The process progressively deletes the negative aspects of a person's current self-image impacting their relationships, performance at work, career, health, or wealth, and installs new self-image beliefs that support their dream goal.

The shifts in identity perception will start happening almost immediately. The changes in the person's reality will begin to appear soon after that.

The program is a combination of a 28-day DIY quest + 1-1 personalized work with me + daily accountability with me for 28 days.

The Details

✩ 28-day "quest" - each day builds on the previous (lifetime access)

✩ 6 x 30-min one-on-one calls with me - one per week for 6 weeks (two calls after the 28 days to ensure shifts are happening)

✩ Promotional price: 1K USD  (that's half of what I normally get paid for just the 1-1 calls with me)

✩ There are only 10 spots available (a full-time papa's max 1-1 calls availability :)

We start on July 1 and finish on July 28th (+ 2 weeks 1:1 coaching)

My guarantee: Your reality will shift around your goal in 28 days. Or I will continue working with you 1-1 until it does.

Note: We will NOT do general life coaching during the 30-minute weekly 1-1 calls. We won't have time for that (and it won't be needed!). The calls will be strictly related to the specific instructions for reprogramming the subconscious mind/self-image around the person's main goal.

Ivan Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov is a tactical spiritualist and depth of life guide.

Ivan serves by guiding purpose-driven individuals to live the lives they were meant to live - not the lives they are now living.